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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Flora's 9 month birthday!

Here are some photos from today.
She's wearing her Sun Valley Skiing tee-shirt to cheer on her cousin Sagey in the Kinder Ski Race on Dollar Mountain today.
 And yes, we're now rockin' the side-pony. Some things we use to do in the 80s are still cool... Right?! ;)

 Notice the tongue and sly look at daddy taking the photo. Such a big personality all packed into a little body!
 Coco the monkey makes an appearance (in the background).  Thanks Nick and Joey!

 This pose seems to defy gravity...
 ...the pillow is kinda holding her up. ;)


Such a happy girl.  We treasure every day!  Love you Flora Mae!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Flora's modeling gig

Flora did some headband modeling this week, and in exchange for her services we get to keep a copy of these absolutely beautiful shots.  Also, the designer of these beautiful headbands will be selling them so stay tuned for information to see Flora's photos published.
Enjoy this sneak peek.

My first glance at these photos I didn't recognize her... Such a girly girl, with all the pink and ruffles.  But I absolutely loved seeing Flora all dressed up!

Thank you to the amazing photographer Sarah Sweetman!  We had so much fun doing this for you.  And thank you for sharing these photos with us!
Check out her website at:  http://sarahsweetman.com/index2.php#/home/

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Flora's first hockey game

We went to a Seattle Thunderbirds game at the Showare Center in Kent with Gaga and Papa.  It was so much fun watching Flora react to all the action.  She saw her first and second fist fights, along with some great skating and numerous shots on goal. 
Below are a few photos 
 Mommy and Flora
 These headphones are sure awesome... lots of loud cheers, buzzers and horns durning the game.
 Flora's really getting into it!
 Daddy and Flora

 Gaga, Papa and Flora

 Thanks Gaga and Papa for a great 1st hokey game for Flora!