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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Play Date at the Russell's

The kids had so much fun.  We played with Auntie Teresa, cousin Landon and T's friend Alecia and her two girls Logan and Avery.  A bit later T's friend Michelle and her daughter Kendell arrived to join in the fun.

 Alecia and the girls arrive.
 Flora meeting Avery.  They are 2 weeks apart.

 The kids
 Landon's Grandma Connie

Landon was so sweet to his baby cousin... He and Flora played so well together.  And he looked after her when she'd crawl away from the group to another room.  He was right there behind her, looking after her.  So precious!
Teresa, Luke, and Landon thanks for having us! 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Flora's 10 months today!

Wow... can't believe it, we are the parents of a 10 month old.  
Let's recap month 9 she cut her first 2 teeth (both on the bottom), took steps (7 in a row before falling, but crawling is still the primary mode of transportation), and climbed stairs all on her own.  All in all, a pretty good month.
Check out these photos from our day today.
 This is new... she'll dive onto the floor, barry her face in the rug, and just lay there.  Very peculiar, but incredibly cute. 
The rug must feel very nice... this is her relaxed face.
 Ok, time to get up and play!

 This adorable outfit was in Flora's Easter basket from Gaga (minus the leg warmers).
 Maraca time!
She likes to bang them together.
...or chew on them.
 This photo is just cute.
More screams!

 More banging (like clapping, but louder!)
 Calina came to visit today, and she had to spoil Flora rotten!  This cute top and dress are in the wash getting ready to wear tomorrow.  We love these gifts, Thank so much! :D
 I almost forgot to get photos of Flora tearing apart her '10 Month' sign...
 ... or eating it.
Dad reading to Flora.  So precious!
What a wonderful gift... Flora has brought us joy every day.  We are so blessed.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Flora's first Easter

Easter Brunch at Gaga and Papa's house.
Cousins Photo. We missed you Abigail!
The egg hunt... Landon and Flora got to find all the eggs in the dining room.
 She's off to find her very first egg
 All she wanted was one...
 ...ok, she'll have another.

Flora and cousin Morgan
 Such a good sharer! 

 Flora, Gaga, and Great Grandma OB
Opening Flora's Easter basket

 Papa giving Flora kisses

Time to show off her new stair climbing abilities
 She can do it all by herself
 here she goes...
 ...and a little toe point
 She made it to the top!
 Walking with the stroller

 She's off!
 And out the door!

 Playing on the bed
Such a nice Easter.  Thanks to Gaga and Papa for the wonderful brunch and egg hunt.