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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Weekend Photos

Over the weekend we invested in a new camera... here are some pics.  
Yay to tax season.
I LOVE this shot!  This is the 'little girl with an edge' photo
 Time for BANANAS!  Or what Flora calls "Ba"
 Let the laughter commence...

 Ok, naptime
 We tried taking some photos outside, but Flora couldn't sit still... imagine that.
 Inside shots are better cause we can romp around in out skimpies...

 Walking in action
 We finally get to breakout our sun hats!

 Flora needed to get the lids in the very back of the cupboard....
...back it out...
 ....whoopsies!  First step's a doosie! 
Yup... love our new camera.  I captured some excellent shots of Flora in action.  Just what we bought it for!  Easter photos and 10 month bday photos will come in the next few days... stay tuned. ;)

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