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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Play Date at the Russell's

The kids had so much fun.  We played with Auntie Teresa, cousin Landon and T's friend Alecia and her two girls Logan and Avery.  A bit later T's friend Michelle and her daughter Kendell arrived to join in the fun.

 Alecia and the girls arrive.
 Flora meeting Avery.  They are 2 weeks apart.

 The kids
 Landon's Grandma Connie

Landon was so sweet to his baby cousin... He and Flora played so well together.  And he looked after her when she'd crawl away from the group to another room.  He was right there behind her, looking after her.  So precious!
Teresa, Luke, and Landon thanks for having us! 


  1. Oh looks like they had so much fun! Too cute dress on Flora Mae!

  2. Cute-ness! It looks like Flora had no trouble keeping up with her cousin!

  3. Oh cousins, Landon X and Flora M, who are "friends", what a wonderful thing. Fun times ahead for sure. Love Gaga