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Monday, May 7, 2012

Gone Fishin'

Flora went fishing at Deer Lake two separate weekends in April.  Here are some of the photos from the trips.
Grandpa and Flora driving the fishin-mobil, or what we all call the "H2", down to the beach.
Margarita Bob
Flora posing for the camera
My tiny fishy (the first of the weekend)
Preparing the bait
Grandpa casting for Flora
Love this pic of Flora fish in

Grandpa and Flora just enjoying the lake's silence
Here fishy fishy
Just a little guy... about to be released
Uncle Joey
Auntie Sammy and Uncle Joey about to drive back to Pullman.  Had a fun weekend w/ya!
Morning romping time

Great Grandpa George
Nana and Flora playing

Nana with Flora down on the beach.

Love this shot!
The second trip to the lake. Uncle Ben and Sagey hangin' with us too!
Daddy's big fishy! (grandpa just helping release the fish)
Nice catch!

Flora loved playing with Paul's dog Ruby
 Doggy kisses...
 ...and more kisses

(Ben and Paul are watching Sagey's ski racing video on the iPhone)

 Hi mom!

Deer lake
 Joey has a fish on
No fish on

Flora's first boat ride
Thanks to Margarita Bob and the party boat!
Ben needs to fish
Daddy and Flora enjoin the ride

 She needs to explore the boat

 Flora's favorite part about the boat ride was the ride back to the dock...we went FAST!
 My little walking girl

Dinner time!
 Ben's strawberry apple pie
 Karen's lemon meringue pie
 Flora posing for the camera (actually trying to do a summersault.... i think;)
 Last morning of fishing before hitting the road home

Auntie Sammy and Flora playing 'spring'
 No fishy's caught, but we still had fun
 Such a fun trip to the lake... We'll again in the summer so we can swim! :)


  1. Looks like you guys had fun! Love the pics!

  2. What a grand time! It was wonderful to have everybody together.