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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Flora's 11 months today!

Here are some photos from our day today.
We went for a bike ride.  Flora was pretty excited about it...
 This is us just pulling into the driveway... phewy, peddling up the hill on a bike, pulling the trailer makes the leg muscles work hard!

 Such a sweet smile
 Flora LOVES this riding cow she received from her cousin Sagey.  She rides it everyday, multiple times. Thanks for the awesome hand-me-down!
 We took the fun outside.
 My little walker

 So interested in the flowers

 I just planted these pots Monday so when Flora tugged on these little purple flowers, she pulled out the entire bunch of them and the square of dirt!  HAHA!  It was pretty funny.  Just put it back, shuffled dirt around and pat, pat, pat and all was good as new.
 Too tall to walk under so she got down on all 4s.
 Probably one of my favorite photos
 Eating dirt, bark, a leaf...something. ;)
 Here she comes! :)
It's been an amazing month. Flora's walk is turning into a trot, and soon...a RUN! ;)
Mommy and Daddy love you so much!  We are in such awe of her; she's our little sponge, exploring all that is new (which is EVERYTHING) and just searching for more input.


  1. Flora Mae is merrily marching through May! How delightful. We love this blog. Thanks for sharing.

  2. haha i love the progession 11months think ill eat it hahah

  3. What a fun month for Flora. It's so much fun to see her having such a wonderful time learning, exploring and enjoying her little world that is soooo big. Almost 1, where has the time gone. Love you little Flora (flower). GaGa