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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cousin Sagey comes to visit

Sagey came to Seattle to stay with us for almost a week.  Here are some photos of our time together.
Sagey and Flora actually climbed into the tupperware cabinet and shut the door.  Pretty cute.
Wo. Blocks.
 Sagey entertained us (mostly Flora) by running around our house with the wood penguin.

 Uncle Ben and the kids.
 Cousin hugs!

 Fun slide

Sagey thought it would be fun to push Flora around in the cart.  He was right.
Friday morning watching the garbage man pick up the trash... it's our ritual.
A quick note... Tuesday May 1st Flora's 1st word, "truck".  In response to the 'beep beep beep' of a truck backing up outside.  We had to run to the windows to check it out.
The Seattle Aquarium.

Nana and the grandkids
 Touching the starfish and sea urchins
 The cool jellyfish tank.

 Sagey was asking all sorts of questions...

 Lion fish
 The Lion fish's neighbor.

 Our trip to the Point Defiance Zoo!!
Looking at the Wolves


 Sagey and the reindeer

Can you find him...?
 Sagey and Bryan looking at Mr. Tiger
 The Point Defiance Clouded Leapord cubs (a little girl and boy)
 Oh, now a trip to our neighborhood parks
A little rock climbing,
....turtle riding,
...and zip-lining!

 Beautiful day at Seward Park.
 Story time.
 Movie time.
 Lunch at Pike's Market.
We had a great time with Sagey!  Thanks for sharing him Uncle Ben and Tia Shawni!


  1. Oh I love your pics. They sure tell the story. We had so much fun! Thanks for sharing. Love you. Nana

  2. Oh my goodness! The cousins are adorable :) Also, great pics!