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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Flora's 1st Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was at Gaga and Papa's house in Auburn. We arrived around 12.45pm, first family onto the scene, to play before turkey dinner.
Cousin Hailee having some one-on-one playtime.
Blowing bubbles!

Time for yum yums!
Flora gets sweet potatoes for her Thanksgiving feast.
:) So delicious she ate the entire jar.
The happy Willis family snuggling up on the comfy couch.
Daddy shooting photos of Flora and mommy...

Gaga's joining the fun!
Bryan and his nephew, the cutest Landon Xavier.
Apres Thanksgiving feast.  Many thanks to be had for our amazing family and this delicious meal!
Flora showing off her cool new trick.
Strong little girl.
Thanks to everyone for making this a wonderful first Thanksgiving for our sweet Flora Mae.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Russell's Visit

Auntie Teresa and cousin Landon came for a little visit a couple weeks back.  Here's a photo of our fun time.

Thanks for stopping by! It was so nice to spend time with you. We had lots of fun!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fall photo shoots with Nana

Nana came to visit for a week at the end of October early November... here are some of the fun times we had!
Fall photo shoot on the back patio....
...in her Halloween costume.
Flora talking to us.
 We were on the go the week Nana was in town.  The weather was beautiful and there was shopping to do, lunches to eat, and walks around Seattle to be had!
Good morning happy Flora!
 All smiles!
 Everything in the mouth!
 She's starting to sit up on her own! Yay!
Ok, she's heading toward the floor...
...just before the FACE PLANT!
Don't worry, the smiles never left!
 She's showing the camera her tongue.
This is the ultimate hint that it's time for a snooze.
I love this photo!
I love this photo even more!  Both Flora and my mom are so smiley! 
 Thanks for a fantastic week Nana!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

5 Month Birthday

Happy 5 month birthday to my sweet Flora Mae
Sitting up like a big girl! (she took a nose dive into the floor shortly after this photo)

She has a thing with her tongue... super cute
 Getting so relaxed
 Very close to naptime...
 She is a thumb sucker... so cute
 so calming
 she caught me taking photos of her sucking her thumb... I love it!
 Awake from a nap and MOHAWK TIME! 
At the request of Uncle Ben ;)
 Long hair!
From birth she has rubbed and pulled out the hair on the sides of her head... 
these next two photos show off the new hair growing back.

 Flora Mae continues to surprise us with her tricks, sounds and smells. :)  Love you sweetheart! Grow on!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pumpkin Carving Party and Halloween night hosted by Gaga

Pumpkin Carving Party and other festive games, hosted by Gaga...
Flora with Uncle Jake
Delicious treats
 'Pin' (it's actually a sticker) the mouth on the skeleton.  
Morgen's turn to pin the mouth on the skeleton.
 Mason's turn
Jake's turn
 Papa's turn
 Daddy and Flora's turn

 Here's the skeleton... Fun game Gaga!
 Flora chillin
 Papa, Gaga and Flora
 Daddy bobbing for apples!
 Drying off...
 Auntie Teresa
 Cute headband and bib from Gaga...
There were more prizes inside the bucket! Thanks Gaga! :)
 All us...
 ... oh ya, and daddy who was taking the photos. ;)
 Cute outfit!
 This is Halloween night at Papa and Gaga's house.
 Auntie Beth
 Yay Unc Jake!
 The grandkids (minus Abigail and Landon)
 Auntie Erin
 Nana was there too!
 Thanks everyone for making Flora's first Halloween so much FUN! It will be hard, but we'll try to trump it next year.