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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pumpkin Carving Party and Halloween night hosted by Gaga

Pumpkin Carving Party and other festive games, hosted by Gaga...
Flora with Uncle Jake
Delicious treats
 'Pin' (it's actually a sticker) the mouth on the skeleton.  
Morgen's turn to pin the mouth on the skeleton.
 Mason's turn
Jake's turn
 Papa's turn
 Daddy and Flora's turn

 Here's the skeleton... Fun game Gaga!
 Flora chillin
 Papa, Gaga and Flora
 Daddy bobbing for apples!
 Drying off...
 Auntie Teresa
 Cute headband and bib from Gaga...
There were more prizes inside the bucket! Thanks Gaga! :)
 All us...
 ... oh ya, and daddy who was taking the photos. ;)
 Cute outfit!
 This is Halloween night at Papa and Gaga's house.
 Auntie Beth
 Yay Unc Jake!
 The grandkids (minus Abigail and Landon)
 Auntie Erin
 Nana was there too!
 Thanks everyone for making Flora's first Halloween so much FUN! It will be hard, but we'll try to trump it next year. 


  1. Looks like a good time was had by all! Happy Halloween!

  2. What a fun time we had. I'm late looking a pics but I love them all. Flora your first Halloween. I think it was a good one. . . . Love Gaga