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Thursday, November 10, 2011

5 Month Birthday

Happy 5 month birthday to my sweet Flora Mae
Sitting up like a big girl! (she took a nose dive into the floor shortly after this photo)

She has a thing with her tongue... super cute
 Getting so relaxed
 Very close to naptime...
 She is a thumb sucker... so cute
 so calming
 she caught me taking photos of her sucking her thumb... I love it!
 Awake from a nap and MOHAWK TIME! 
At the request of Uncle Ben ;)
 Long hair!
From birth she has rubbed and pulled out the hair on the sides of her head... 
these next two photos show off the new hair growing back.

 Flora Mae continues to surprise us with her tricks, sounds and smells. :)  Love you sweetheart! Grow on!


  1. Happy 5 month BD little Flora, I love all your pics, especially with your thumb in the mouth looking at mama. (The hair ones are unbelievable). H & K Love GaGa

  2. She's getting so long!

    I'm not sure if she can pull off a mohawk. She's a little too girly ;)