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Thursday, May 24, 2012

A day in the life of Flora Mae

We just hung out today... 
Thank goodness the sun came out! We needed a little Vitamin D
 Big shout out to Tia Shawni, Cousin Sage and Unc Ben for the hand painted I heart Idaho shirt!  We LOVE it! :D
I gave Flora this flower... she was super cute with it.  
 Just studying it...
 digging with it...
...and running with it. :)
"Look over there, a purple horse!" {I turn my head and Flora's shoving dirt in her mouth} Haha! 
 And big thanks to Auntie Sammy for this cute skirt/pant set! It's an 18 month, but Flora's got long legs. ;)

 more dirt

 Just a cute pose
 and even more dirt!

 She loves me...
 She loves me not...
 ...SHE LOVES ME! :)
 Ending the day reading with dad.
The end of another amazing day.


  1. Elisabeth,

    I think Flora has to be the littlest Master Gardener I've ever seen. Thank you for continuing to brighten our day with pictures of Flora and her Mom and Dad as they discover the world.

    Love Papa "J"

  2. I love the way you capture her precious personality. love you. Nana