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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flora turns ONE!

June 10th, 2012: Flora Mae De Donato's first birthday!  Below are photos of party prep, decor and the party itself.
Baking the day before.
Flora's first taste of sugar is licking the whisk.
This frosting recipe is the best ever!
No wonder she likes it so much... ;)

It was so cute to watch her lick the frosting off.
Flora's first birthday gift from Nana and Grandpa... (this is the day before Flora's actual birthday)

The card.
She's a natural at unwrapping gifts.

Such cute outfits! Thanks Nana!
... and she LOVES the Llama Llama book!
And Grandpa bought Flora a rice cooker...Funny, yet so awesome. We used it the other night and it worked GREAT! :D
The morning of Flora's birthday! 
Opening the gift from Uncle Ben, Tia Shawn and Cousin Sage
She was so animated opening this gift.
cool cds!
She loves books!
And look at this fantastically beautiful quilt, made by Tia Shawn.
Party decorations...

Party favors for the kids

Chocolate cupcakes w/marshmallow frosting, and banana cake w/cream cheese filling and 'the best frosting ever'
Flora's cake is banana cake (her favorite fruit) with cream cheese filling and 'the best frosting ever'.  My first time piping frosting onto a cake.  Not the prettiest, but there's a lot of love in this cake. ;)
Auntie Samantha made the party hat using yo-yos.  It turned out so amazing!
After Flora's morning nap... ready to party!

A little play time before guests arrive.
I love the pointing.
Time to open presents.

Her very own "Learning Tower" (now she can help with the dishes)! ;)

Pretty cute smile!  Thanks Calina for the table and chairs!
Flora did so well opening presents!  It was fun to watch her rip wrapping paper and bags apart.  Now CAKE TIME!  Yum!

"Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Flora. Happy Birthday to you!"
Ah... she's 1!
She starts with some frosting with her pinchers...

Ok, she really starts to dig in.

Flora singing to us.

Just being cute.

Ok, just about done...

Post party, bath and afternoon nap.

After the party, a nap, Auntie Sammy and Uncle Joe's awesome gift, time for a walk in the park... such a beautiful day.

The mountain is out to say "Happy First Birthday Flora Mae".

Thank you everyone for making Flora's first birthday so wonderful!  Special Thanks to Nana, Grandpa, Uncle Joe and Auntie Samantha for traveling from Eastern WA for the party weekend.


  1. She is adorable and I'm bummed that we had to miss that. Thanks for posting the photos - it's the next best thing to being there.

    joey and nick