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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Daddy did Rock & Roll!

Below are photos of the race coarse, the Seattle Center (what an amazing location for the start & end to a race; we had tons of stuff to do while daddy was spinnin' his wheels), daddy burning steam to the finish line, and post race.
It was really early for Flora (and mama).  We were out the door by 5.45am.  Thank you Cafe Ladro.
Finish line
Looking back at finish line.... going to come back to this spot to try and see daddy cross.
 ... he'll come from this way.
Daddy has already been running for 45 mins and there are still people waiting to start.

 Daddy was in Corral #7

Announcer dude on the stage behind releasing the corrals (and making fun of some people; he was funny)
 Start line
 Looking back on the Start
 Seattle Center...turned out to be a beautiful day.  A bit hazy, but sun was peaking thru and no rain even though it was in the forecast.
New Chihuly Museum... definitely want to go back and see this from the inside.

 More Chihuly from outside


 As you can see the Chihuly Museum is next to the Space Needle.
Flora walking, more like playing, around the fountain.

 There's daddy (white shirt & red hat)!  We almost missed him cause I was giving Flora some banana and as I looked up he was coming by!  Not to mention there were SO MANY people in front of and next to me.
 Daddy crossing the finish line.
We all met up after daddy got through the gates.  Yay...you did GREAT daddy!

Such a fun Saturday!  We had a great time, and congratulations to daddy!
There are some race photos of daddy at the link below (you actually need to click on the 'view all photos'  link with in this link) and also daddy's stats.

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