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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer vacation at St. Joe river house

Below are some photos from Flora's first car trip and vacation at the St. Joe river house in Idaho with Nana, Papa Willy, Uncles Ben and Joe, and Aunties Shawn and Samantha.  She did great in the car.  Sleeping the majority of the drive.  

Flora's first bottle from daddy in the car.
 We made it! One week to relax!
 Who's more excited?
 Uncle Ben holding Flora for the first time.
 Cannon Ball!
 Mom & Sage making monster cookies.
 Papa Willy chillin with Flora.
 Now chillin with Nana and cousin Sagey.
 Sage poppin' a wheelie on his wooden bike. 

The house.
 Rocking with Nana on the porch.
 Hands down the favorite room of the trip!

 Tia Shawni walking around with Flora in the sleepywrap.
 The St. Joe river

 View from my favorite spot in the house.
 So relaxed!
 Going rafting.
 Launching the rafts.
 Ben, Shawn, and Sage.  Look close, Ben caught a fish!
 Rock and roll.
 Shawn fishing on the cataraft.
 Ben fishing and enjoying a beer on the cataraft.
 The property.
 Sagey holding Flora for the first time.
 Cute cousins!
Flora saw her first real moose! Can you spot the him?
 Some of the flowers in the garden.

We can't wait for our next vacation to Idaho!!
Ah Shucks! I didn't get any pics of Uncle Joey and Auntie Sammy... but they were there for the weekend and we loved the time with them too.

PS, Today is my brother Ben's 33rd Birthday... Happy birthday Benji!


  1. Beautiful! Looks like everyone had a fun/relaxing time!

  2. Yup! It was pretty awesome... although Flora is going thru this phase of "I NEED MOMMY!". ;)