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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

St. Joe vacation at Nana's and Grandpa's

St. Joe River

 Bry in the running man pose before his CANONBALL!



 Drying off.
 Little pool house.
 Auntie Sammy and Flora watching Baby Einstein dvd.
 Playing a little ring toss.
 Flora loved swimming!

 Time for football.

 Hanging with cousin Sagey.

 Uncle Joey
 Uncle Ben at the BBQ
 And time for a little volleyball
 And piggyback rides!
 Back to ring toss

 We went rafting almost everyday...Lots of fish and other catches, like BATS!  That's right.  One evening float/fishing trip Bry caught a Bat out of mid air... Surreal! 
 There's a robin's nest with baby birds above the horns.
 Waiting for mommy to bring food.
 Three babies.
 And there's mama.

 Hi uncle Ben!
This photo is taken a couple days later and look how big they are!
 Mama waiting patiently for the coast to be clear before she feeds her babies.
 The pretty awesome garden.
 Everything from flowers to veggies
 We went on a little ride down river

 Grandpa and Flora going for a stroll
 Flora just running around the property.
 Flora points at the flowers and says "Pretty"
 I love this photo!

 Time for another ride...?
 If she could, she'd drive off without us.

Daddy with both the kids!  Just practicing up for our #2!
 Sagey is quite an excellent swimmer!  This is the summer he learned how to dive!
 More ball!
 Great photo!
 Swimming with daddy.
 Just hanging out by the pool watching the kids play.  Tia Shawni, Uncle Ben, Nana and Gpa.

 Throwing the ball into the pool.
 Showering up at the pool house.
This is cute... Flora making her puckered face!

 Our favorite room.
 Sleepy girl...

 A quick shout out to Abigail De Donato... thanks for the hand me down cloths!  We love this shirt and shorts!
Time to go for a ride?
 Auntie Sammy brought this FUN rocking horse to play on!


 Family photo.
 Cousin hugs!

Riding on the tractor.

 And now on the swing...

Thank you Grandpa and Nana; we had a wonderful vacation.

We had a great time at what Uncle Ben is calling Summer Camp at the St. Joe.  Can't wait for next summer camp time! :)

This was Flora 1 year ago.  Wow, how she has changed!

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