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Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall trip to the Zoo

First time to Woodland Park Zoo.
A slice of Africa...

 Flora doesn't quite understand she's going to have a baby sister soon, but they'll have tons of fun together at the zoo someday.
Looking at the Impala.

 Strolling down the path.


 Daddy and Flora.
 "What does an elephant say?"
 Elephants are Flora's favorite!  She really likes doing the noise and trunk movement.

 Daddy and Flora doing the 'elephant' together!

 Elephant #1

 Elephant #2 came over to put on a show...

Playing with the water.

 So thirsty!
 Bye bye.

 Playing on the steps between animals.
 Daddy spotted this awesome tree trunk hugging another tree.
 Komodo Dragon taking a snooze.
 The very sweet Orangutans.
 This guy was very special.

 He heard us talking an looked up to say hello w/his eyes.  Love this photo!
 The sneaky grey wolf.
Mr. gorilla.
 Hello Fall!

 The penguins.
 Cute!  Great shot daddy!
 Fun at the zoo... can't wait to go back!


  1. These turned out great, love the captions too! Our only regret, is that we didn't have a little more time to see the Bears, Elk, Jaguars ... next time!

  2. Fantastic pictures of the animals, the orangutan looked so soleful. What a fun day for the whole family. Loved all the pictures. . . . Love Gaga

  3. Great photos. Yes, the Orangutan looking at the camera is probably the best one. (Jennifer)