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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Thanksgiving 2012

We ventured over the mountains to Calder Idaho for Thanksgiving this year.  Don't be fooled... we did celebrate Thanksgiving, but Christmas was all around. :)  Amazing decor Nana & Popeye!
The Thanksgiving holiday on the St. Joe was nothing short of spectacular.
Here are some photos from the festivities.

Relaxing and watching the fire (Flora's books sprayed across the floor)
Flora saw the Christmas tree and said "Oh Wow!" 
"Hi Santa"
"Hi Popeye!"

Curtis the cutthroat loves his Christmas decorations! 

Going for a ride.

Fun times with Nana!
View from our ride.

Waking up after nap to a AppleCup football.  Flabbergasted that the Cougs are in it to win it.

COUGS WON!!!  Yipeee!

Playing with the blocks
Thanksgiving Turkey
All ready to eat.
Flora playing outside.
This smile is so contagious! 

She sure loves the outdoors, and St. Joe is a perfect place to run and play!
WO!  Going down!  Yes, she tripped, but that's ok... didn't hurt.  Get up and brush it off.
Making faces
More breathtaking views from a 4x ride

Nana confused, Flora needs Daddy!

Time to play in the mud

Playing with Uncle Joey!

Judo kick
More fun outside


Hi everybody!

Popeye getting ready to leave.
"O! Bye-bye Popeye."

Time to cozy up in Auntie Sammy's arms.
Double belly wompers!
Womp womp womp! Two girl cousins due on the same day! So excited for Flora to be a big sister and big cousin all at once!
Auntie Sammy and Uncle Joey will be amazing parents!

Christmas decor at the River house.

Playing on the stairs.
Back up and ready to go.
Just being cute

Thanks for a wonderful holiday to Nana and Popeye!  Love you!