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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Austin Texas!

Grabbing coffee and a breakfast taco with this beautiful view!
...lookin' good!

 Natural spring swimming pool at a refreshing 68 degrees.

At the park...
 Abigail playing the xylophone 
Flora scratched her cheek w/her mini claws. :(

Mama loves her little girl!
"Give me that camera!"
So sleepy!
Abigail loves playing with her cousin!
She brought out all her stuffed animals to play with.

Riding Suzie...
...Abigail's enormous stuffed elephant

"Yeehaw partner!"
Paul: "Where do you live, Abigail?"
Abigail: "AUSTIN, TEXAS!"

Good morning cousin!
Playtime continues!

 Look at that stache!
University of Texas on Gameday
Big match-up
The massive stadium. 

Stadium entrance
 Go Horns!
Cool view of the clocktower building on campus

Can see the Capital building from the clocktower
...and George Washington statue

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