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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Flora's first WSU football game

WSU played OSU last night 7.30pm at Seahawk Stadium.  Flora, Bryan and I went to the game with Jeff and Tierney Schu (Jeff and Bryan were fraternity bros at WSU and Tierney and I went to Gonzaga Prep together).
Here are some photos of Flora's first game.

Getting all bundled for the game...
 Warming up...
 Her eyes were so wide... taking in every little thing at her first game.
 Note, Flora has this grey Coug onesie on the outside of her snow suit and there is a white one on the inside... Courtesy of Auntie Sammy (and the red one was in our back pack in case of a blowout).
 It was starting to get loud.... so the hearing protection goes ON!
 She was so cute!  And the headphones didn't bother her at all.
 National Anthem played by the WSU band.
 Fight song.

 Go Team!
 Look at our little family! :)  So proud!

 Sleepy time.
Both Bryan and I are kickin' ourselves for not getting photos with Jeff and Tierney!  Sorry guys!  We had fun with you two. And need to hang out again soon.

Flora did awesome at her first game!  She stayed out way past her bedtime, but she just snuggled up with me and slept through the Beavs whoopin' up on the Cougs. :( Maybe we'll get to see a win next year.


  1. Flora looked so cute (and funny) with her headphones

  2. We had a blast with you guys at the game! Flora is so adorable and I had so much fun playing with her. I dont think I saw too much of the game, although there wasnt too much to watch! It was awful! And to make matters worse, we got back to our car- and got a $42.00 parking ticket! It was apparently back in only. Very frustrating after a loss! Hope to see you again soon!