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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Flora's 1st Christmas (at Deer Lake)

We had such a wonderful time with family.  It was a beautiful white Christmas at Deer Lake, just to the north of Spokane.  Here are some photos of Flora and the family.
 Out for a little stroll in the snow.
 Flora loved seeing all the snow.

 I walked out onto the frozen lake just a bit to snap this shot (Bryan and Flora at the edge of beach...one more step and they would have been on ice.)  The ice was very thin.
 Lake view to the north
 Across the lake to the west
 Cute photo
 On the deck
 Family photo
 Grandfather and baby Flora watching Joey shovel the deck.
 Grandpa and Flora in from the cold
 These next photos are so cute!  Flora in the middle of all the presents on Christmas morning.  
 She's still in her fleece reindeer pjs. 
 It was pretty cute, she was grabbing presents left and right... 
 most went directly into her mouth.
 Smiley girl found one of her presents from auntie Sammy.
 See, into the mouth.
 Flora and auntie Sammy.
 Santa came and filled our abnormally large stockings! :)
 The Christmas tree and presents.
Samantha made this beautiful tree out of Yoyos
 ...and Flora, of coarse, had to put it in her mouth.
 Uncle Joey and auntie Samantha
Nana and Flora (look at Grandpa's blazin' fire in the background!)
Getting ready to open presents
...ready, set....
GO! Flora diggin' into her stocking.
 Sun Valley 'Skiing' purple shirt!  We love it!
 And 'The Napping House' were just a couple of the great surprises inside her stocking!
 Presents time!
 The 'into the mouth' technique is actually a good one... she gets the wrapping paper all wet, then it's easily peeled away.

 Grandpa bought Flora a Raggedy Ann doll for Flora... just about the cutest thing ever! She loved her new R.A.!
 A couple of Bry's gifts were framed photos from the two 5K races he did this summer and fall.
 Flora loves her Coug and 'Auntie loves me' cloths!
 Nana's excited for her new iPad!
 A super fun toy!  This purple octopus sings, plays with balls and talks.
 Daddy and Flora having fun.

 Auntie Sammy and Flora playing.
 Uncle Joey joins in the fun!

 Oh, she just loves Raggedy Ann!
 Great Grandpa George and Flora pose for photos before tur dinner.
 I love this photo.
 Our determined little Flora wanting to crawl.
 More playtime...

 Auntie Sammy helping Flora get ready for a nap.
 This is the turkey.  My dad's amazingness!  He brines it for a day (Friday), smokes it for a day (Saturday), and finishes off in the oven for about 4 hours (Sunday)... DELICIOUS!
 Dressed up for Christmas day dinner.

 Monday just before noon we pack up and get ready for the drive home.

Flora is our Christmas present that keeps giving... love and smiles all around!

 Family photos

Well, Flora checked one accomplishments off her list... she can now sit up under her own power from the lying position.  Next on her 'TO DO' list are: to cut her first tooth, and to start crawling (she's SO SO close...rocking back and forth and lunging forward).  We love you so much and you have made mommy and daddy's Christmas 2011 the best we've ever had.