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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Flora is 7 months today!

7 months ago today Flora was born. Here's what we did today...

We started off the morning with a little yoga (downward dog is her favorite pose).
Then we went for a walk.
 Now time to smile for the camera....
 and eat the paper cause everything goes into the mouth.
 That's right, Flora is mobile!
 Crawling here,
 and everywhere.
 This is her trying to stand on her own... but almost looks like she's going into a side push-up
 On the move some more!
 She had tights on for the photo shoot, but I took them off.  It was hard for her to move with them on.
 And as you can see, she's a mover!
 Then she decided she wanted to play with Daddy's Ipad box.
And of course she wanted to pull herself up to a stand... this is just about her favorite thing to do.
 Then was the "I'm so tired" crawl to me while crying.
 Ok, naptime.
Flora has touched so many hearts.  Mommy loves you, darling daughter.  Happy 7 month birthday.


  1. oh I love the pictures. However I love spending time with you the most!

  2. Love the smiles Flora! Happy 7 months!

  3. Hi Flora, happy 7 month birthday. You are a little girl on the move! now you can go anywhere. Love you, hugs and kisses. Gaga