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Born Friday June 10th at 5.53am Weight: 8lbs 6ozs Length: 18.5 inches Mom: Elisabeth Marie Schumacher De Donato Dad: Bryan James De Donato

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas with the De Donatos

Just a couple days after Christmas we gathered at Jim and Coleen's house for second Christmas!  Paul, Jennifer and Abigail were in town from Austin! 
Here are some photos...

Abigail opening her stocking.
 Flora opening her stocking.
 All of us (minus Bryan the camera man).
 Flora enjoying sucking on her fingers

 Family photo!
Papa and Flora having a good laugh.
 Very sweet photo.
 Gaga, Flora and Papa share smiles.
 And more smiles!
 Happy grandparents.
 Happy De Donatos! Cute photo!
 Look at these two brothers.
 Two brothers, their Spokane native wives, and cute brunette girls.
We had a wonderful De Donato Christmas!  Thank you Jim and Coleen for an amazing first Christmas for Flora.
Miss you already Paul, Jen and Abigail!


  1. Thank you for sharing Elisabeth. Some very fun pictures. Flora is always smiling, that sweet baby girl. Love Gaga

  2. I agree with B, Flora could have a career in modeling :)