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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bringing in 2012 in Sun Valley

We arrived at the Sun Valley airport in Hailey on New Years Eve.  Here are some photos of our week long vacation.
From airport.
Flora all tucked away.
View of snow capped mountains from front of airport.
 At the condo, time to stretch and play!

 Playing with Sagey's Christmas gift, Megna-tiles (probably the coolest toy ever! we want some!)

 A fun structure Sage, Daddy, and Flora made.
 I think Flora was actually destroying it.
 Christmas gift time!
 Flora helping uncle Ben with his gift.
 Yup... she needs to taste the paper.

 Bald Mt (from condo deck).
Where's the phone?
There it is!
Another fun toy.
Going for a walk...
 ...while Sagey rode his Christmas bike.
 In front of the Sun Valley Lodge.

 Eating at the SV golf course lodge.
We went up to Galena Pass to go snowshoeing.
 Such beautiful weather to hike in Daddy's pack.

 Pioneer Cemetery Trail counterclockwise (4K).
Flora was loving it from the beginning.
 So much beautiful scenery.

 The top of the main climb.
Photo ops.

 All smiles.

 Flora's first time standing in snow.

 Less then 1/4 mile back to the lodge and Flora fell asleep...
 She tried to stay awake as long as possible and then just dozed off...
 She did an awesome job on her first snowshoeing outing.

 and she's awake for a photo.
 Enjoying a beer and some soup at Galena Lodge.
 Back at the Condo and playing "fort" with Sagey and Nana.
 She was having so much fun!

Sagey giving hugs!
Where did Sage and Flora go?
There they are!
 Still having fun!
 Cousin's playing more.

 Happy stroller.
Blazing fire at Baldy's River Run Lodge
 Enjoying a brew and watching the skiers slide down.
Daddy and Flora.
Crossing over the Big Wood river.
 Heading out for a little walk.
 At Mom/Dad's condo w/Baldy in the background.
 Daddy just finishing up his day on the Mountain.
Out for another walk.
At the new Starbucks in Ketchum.

 The grandkids.
Flora's first visit to Sun Valley was much fun!  Thanks to Nana, uncle Ben, tia Shawn, cousin Sage, and Daddy for a GREAT trip! We can't wait to go back!


  1. I love Flora's space and watching all of you grow up:-)

  2. What a great way to start the New Year!

  3. Love the snowshoeing pics! Looks like you guys had tons of fun!

  4. Fantastic pics. What little baby girl goes snowshoeing and looks like she is having more fun than mommy and daddy, Flora Mae does. Wonder memories. (I love her standing in the snow thigh high!). Love, Hugs and Kisses Gaga